New TV: Friday

Smallville (7:00 CST, The CW)

The thing I’m most excited about this TV season? Smallville is on Fridays now! Which means I can actually watch it as it airs! Trust me, it’s very exciting.

Lots of new developments will be taking place this season – Zod is in da house (I don’t know who Callum Blue is, but everyone was very excited about him joining the cast), rumor has it that Clark and Lois will finally hook up, and Brian Austin Green is on board playing John Corben (aka Metallo, apparently).

Some things I’m not thrilled about – Tess Mercer is still around (she’s so super-annoying – I miss Lex. And Lana. And Lex and Lana.) and Chloe seems to have been replaced with a bizarro Chloe. Hopefully she’ll be more herself in upcoming episodes – to be fair, she’s still getting over Jimmy’s death, so maybe as the season progresses, she’ll be back to her normal, awesome self.

My rating: Come Friday nights at 7:00 will I be out painting the town? No! I’ll be on my couch!


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