Guess what Wednesday night was!


The venue was much smaller than where we saw her in Sydney – I guess she’s just not famous enough in the States to play the United Center (although she should be – she is a fabulous entertainer and I have no idea why she’s not more famous here!) and the smaller space kind of limited her show. It was still full of lights and lasers and dancers, but she couldn’t do things she likes to do like fly herself in on a giant sparkly crescent moon or drop dancers from the ceiling (though she did still manage to make her entrance atop a giant, silver skull [no, I don’t get it either, but if Kylie wants a giant, silver skull, Kylie can have a giant, silver skull!]).

She still put on an amazing show and the crowd was super-enthusiastic – I hope we’ve convinced her to come back again and not make us wait another 20 years before she does! It was basically a highlights tour of the best numbers from the Showgirl tour and the Kylie X tour – she did cabaret Locomotion and the shower version of Red-Blooded Woman (and opened with Light Years – yay!) along with the newer songs from X.

She sang for two hours straight and even gave us an impromptu, a capella version of Your Disco Needs You (and even took it to the opera all on her lonesome – Kylie, you rock! Whoo!) when there was a short break for technical difficulties with her bassist’s guitar. Very impressive!

We had a great time (we are very blurry there, just pretend we are dancing – I am woefully out of practice with my Edward self-portraits) and both agreed – and I’m not even going to put it in small font this time – that she put on a better show than Madonna.

Don’t stay away so long next time, Kylie!

Oh, the carnage!

I decided to risk it and tried to make the Golden Egg recipe from Gesine Bullock-Prado’s book Confections of a Closet Master Baker (which I caved and bought, along with a couple others).

It did not go well.

Actually, it did go well until I tried to remove them from the pans. The recipe called for cooking spray, but I don’t like cooking spray because it gloms itself onto your pans and never lets go, so instead I used butter. Which did not work. At all.

The doughnuts in the background there along with one cupcake were all I was able to salvage and by that time, I was too frustrated to dunk them in butter and cinnamon sugar and just ate them as is. They were very tasty, but I imagine the cinnamon sugar makes them even better.

Very similar to these, but a little eggier and nutmeggier, too.