A last minute, cobbled together dessert…

So the other night, after I’d finished dinner, I decided that I wanted something sweet and realised that I didn’t have any more Oreos in the house (my chocolate experiment is only going kind of well and, for the most part, it’s okay if it doesn’t, but I will definitely miss Oreos if I go off it again). What I did have was leftover maple cream cheese frosting from the pumpkin whoopie pies I made a while ago and the beginnings of the batter for Amish cinnamon bread (I even had the required Jello vanilla pudding packet) in the freezer.

I put the two together and got this:

It’s very good (how could it not be, really?). The main problem was that, even though the cake has three layers, I only baked two cakes. I cut off the top of one of them to make a level surface for stacking which left me with an extra top of a cake to eat (which is the best part with the crunchy cinnamon sugar topping).

I finished it easily in about two days, eating a third of it standing in the kitchen, a third of it for dessert that evening, and the rest the following morning for breakfast. D:

I don’t really have a recipe for you, but if you do some Googling, you can find recipes for the bread and for the starter. Some of the starter recipes have yeast in the starter and some of them are just milk, flour, and sugar. The batter keeps well in the freezer, just make sure you go through the whole 10-day ritual with the last one so you’ll have more to tuck away for later.

2 thoughts on “A last minute, cobbled together dessert…

  1. Ànne!
    I’ve been out of comms and look what you do! You lose you kitchen mojo, then get it back! You go see kylie! 30 Rock has started again!!

    Will send you a proper catch up email soon!


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