The dreaded ‘C’ word…


Casseroles are not usually my thing – a bunch of mushy things baked together so that they become even more mushy and topped with those fried onion things or whatever they are? Not my idea of tasty. But this?

Is tasty.

I’ve been on a fall foods kick lately – you should see the bookmarks I have, they are full of apples and pumpkins and squash and cinnamon. Lovely, warm, and comforting foods. When I saw this Butternut Squash Casserole on Ezra Pound Cake, I was hooked! And I’m glad I managed to overcome my prejudice against casseroles because this is super duper. (Fair enough, put anything with enough cheese and it becomes delicious by association.)

I did halve the recipe because there is only one of me and I don’t need to try and feed 8 to 10 people (or myself for 8 to 10 days) and it worked out well in my 8×8 baking dish. I also forgot to add the spinach (well, arugula because I had some to get rid of), so I decided to just serve it on a bed of arugula instead. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the pumpkin seeds – it could be because I used store bought ones – they got very chewy after being baked for an hour and, frankly, it’s hard work, especially when compared to the amount of chewing required for the rest of the casserole.

TV recap and updates!

Well, now that all the fall shows have officially started up (Chuck! Better Off Ted! Mysterious fate of Scrubs! Why are you making me wait until January?!), I thought I’d recap who I thought was off to a good start and who I’d given up on:

And the winners are:

  1. 30 Rock
  2. The Office
  3. Cougar Town
  4. Glee
  5. Modern Family
  6. The Big Bang Theory
  7. HIMYM (They’re only this low on the list because Lily and Marshall are still stuck as stereotypes of themselves and we need to get over the novelty of Robin and Barney.)
  8. Community (They stumbled a bit after a strong premiere episode, but the last couple have been getting better again.)
  9. Smallville (Oh, my god, how is this show so boring?! I miss Lana, Lex, Lionel, Smallville, and the Kents and I HATE Oliver Queen when they try to give him an entire episode and I wish someone would kill off Tess already and why is Clark wearing black (stop angsting and get over yourself)?! Also Zod is a lot less cool than I imagined him to be. Even Chloe seems to be less awesome this season which I didn’t think possible – because Chloe is super awesome – but I’m still not ready to give up on it yet.)

The Losers

  1. The Vampire Diaries (I know quite a few people like this show, but it’s one I’d have to get a hold of later on and it didn’t intrigue me enough to make it worth the effort.)
  2. Heroes (It was so bad last season – and the one before that – that I didn’t even try.)
  3. The Simpsons (It makes me sad to see how far they’ve fallen – I gave up halfway through last season and couldn’t bring myself to try again.)

p.s. – I forgot House! House should be in the winners category, but I still have the second half of the fifth season to watch and it’s up against HIMYM so I have to watch it later anyway. But once I catch up, I’m sure it’ll be on the winners list.