Happy (slightly early) Halloween!

Holy cats, there are so many great Halloween-inspired recipes out there, but I finally couldn’t resist this one (I really, really want to make this one, but managed to refrain…for now).

I found the brain mold here, the candy melts from Jo-Ann’s, and used good old Martha’s red velvet cupcake and cream cheese frosting recipes. Also, I’m a little ashamed to say, I did not actually make my own caramel sauce (I bought it). Shh!

This was my first time working with a candy mold and, I have to say, it was actually pretty easy! I haven’t actually tasted a cupcake yet (the brains are sweet but kind of bland) because I only have the exact right number to share with people tomorrow – hopefully they’re tasty…

*Apologies for the worse-than-usual photos – my mom has jetted off on a cruise, leaving my dad and me to entertain each other with Wii evenings and Godfather marathons, and also took her camera, leaving me to take photos with Edward (I love you, Edward, but you don’t do close-ups well). Go and look at the originals again, they’re much better.


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