A few things that are too awesome not to share

Technically I should have said ‘a couple’ because I only have two things to share, but that word’s too long for an already long enough post title, so:

1. I got lost in YouTube the other day (I wandered in via Wikipedia) and ended up discovering Know Your Meme at the Internet Meme Database, which is super cool – I watched all their videos even when I didn’t know what they were talking about.

2. And they, or more specifically, their video about autotune, led me to this which I am now completely obsessed with:

Like seriously. I sing it in the shower and I made it into a ringtone (which is problematic because I end up wanting to listen to it instead of answering the phone).

3. Oh, look, my post title was accurate after all. You all know that I am firmly in the book camp when it comes to the whole book vs. e-book debate, but this comic that Lucy Knisely posted at her blog really makes me want to like e-books. Regardless of how I feel about e-books, I do know that I adore Lucy Knisely and her comics. Nobody should be able to write AND draw so well!

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