I have very nearly perfected our Thanksgiving menu, it’s almost exactly the same as last year’s – there’s really only room to add one side dish and change up the turkey recipe (which I choose but leave to my mom to execute since I’m a [mostly] veggie). This year was kicked off with Ezra Pound Cake’s (Mom’s) Monkey Bread.

It’s a bit of a cheat seeing as it’s just refrigerated biscuits dipped in butter and cinnamon sugar, but it was definitely a tasty way to start the day!

Then we had to face the problem of lunch. Since we always, always miss our 4:00 target eating time, we usually end up with the dilemma of how much to eat at lunchtime. I solved that this year by doing a small spread of appetizers for us to munch on around lunchtime, just to tide us over to dinner. We had salmon spread with crackers, apple and goat cheese tartlets (of the puff pastry variety, not short pastry), and pecorino romano with apples and fig jam (which Jillian made for one of our food parties and I definitely inhaled more than my fair share).

I changed the turkey recipe to this black pepper-pomegranate molasses glazed one since my mom said they didn’t want to do a brined one. Reports were that it was pretty tasty! (It certainly smelled very yummy.) And we made roasted garlic mashed potatoes which were very, very tasty. Our new side dish was a simple but tasty one – roasted Brussels sprouts.

Roasting is really the only way to go with Brussels sprouts and Ina’s right – they should be super-salty, like French fries. (These were very good at the time, but I notice that they seem to be outlasting the rest of the leftovers, so they’ll probably be switched out next year in favor of some newfangled recipe I want to try.)

The other place that I’m usually open to some change is in the desserts. Usually I do a rum pumpkin chiffon pie, but this year I was tempted to stray by this bourbon pumpkin cheesecake (instead of the genoise base or a graham cracker crust, I went with a gingersnap crumb crust [which usually accompanies the rum pumpkin chiffon pie]).

My mom always requests a pecan pie (which is not one of my favorites) so I thought I’d switch it up a little bit and make Ezra Pound Cake’s (again) recipe for Southern Comfort pecan pie.

And I’m always up for a cocktail, so since pomegranate was featuring in the turkey and the decoration for the cheesecake, I chose pomegranate cosmos which were super-tasty but stronger than they seemed!

Now to eat all these yummy leftovers over the next week or so!


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