Oh, my goodness…

…have I really not posted anything since the Thanksgiving post? I think I’ve been in a blogging funk since the pictures didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, so here’s a quick update:

  1. The previous post was to be the first in a series of three – that one was Eat… to be followed by …Drink… because in addition to all that Thanksgiving food, I also got two liqueurs started (Parents, they better still be there when I come home for Xmas!), a cranberry liqueur and an eggnog one. The cranberry one looked nice the last time I saw it – the eggnog one, I have my reservations about. I think I may have overdone the orange extract and it smelled pretty strong (yes, even for me!). But I’ll be sure to let you know how the finished products turned out.
  2. The third post was to be …and Be Merry! showing you pictures of my family’s Thanksgiving craft project – pop-up turkeys made simple by the genius that is Robert Sabuda. I always end up feeling a bit inadequate when I do arts and crafts projects with my parents – my dad always ends up making something very realistic and gorgeous (frankly, my mom and I had a hard time telling between his turkey and the one we were meant to eat) and my mom ends up making something that’s perfect and pretty. Mine? Looks like it was made by a 6 year old. Who’s bad at doing arts and crafts. Want to see? (It’s drying flat here, but it did pop up once the glue was dry.)
  3. Let’s see…what else… Oh, my mom and I repainted the walls in my living room – they were a very pretty but very dark sort of eggplant kind of color, but the room is just too small for it – combined with the abnormally low ceilings in here and it really was like living in a cave. But now the walls are white and I’m going to wallpaper up to a chair rail with this (I think it’s a bit more of a teal color in person):
  4. My parents gave me an Xmas tree of my very own! It’s fake, but it’s a good fake and I love it – it looks very festive in here now. So far (knock on wood), the cats don’t seem to be very interested (even in the ornaments) – I’m hoping that, because it doesn’t smell like squirrels and the outdoors, they will leave it alone …
  5. I got nowhere near completing NaNoWriMo – I blame Thanksgiving, but either way…Anne FAIL! But 5,000 words is better than nothing, so I don’t feel entirely like a loser. 😉
  6. I’m busy, busy, busy planning our Xmas dinner (here’s what I did last year). I can’t decide if I want to do another crazy gingerbread project – I wasn’t super-pleased with last year’s (good old Frank Lloyd Wright still gets my blog visit count way up in December, though) and I have an idea that involves a four-layer cake, so I may call that my General madness activity for the season. We’ll see…
  7. Tonight is the last new Glee episode until April. APRIL?! But at least Better Off Ted is back and Chuck‘s return is imminent. Scrubs is on, too, but I’m not sure how I feel about that… Did they really need another season? I thought the end of last season served as a good way of wrapping up the series, but I guess the network had other ideas. I’m sure I’ll keep watching, though!

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