Boozy Tuesday!

No, seriously. Very boozy. Check it out.

Remember this post where I mentioned that I had started making an eggnog liqueur and a cranberry liqueur? Well, they’re done. Observe!

I know I had my misgivings about the eggnog liqueur, but it’s very sweet and smooth and has maybe only the slightest bit too much orange extract. Dangerously easy to drink. Also dangerously easy to drink is the cranberry liqueur.

Taking some inspiration from the ever-wonderful Ezra Pound Cake, I decided to use the cranberry liqueur in a cranberry margarita. It’s very tasty, but a little strong on the lime – next time I’ll definitely dial down the lime and up the cranberry a little bit.

And, remembering that my mom had some Midori stashed away from last year or so, I bookmarked the appropriately named Grinch cocktail.

It’s very yummy – the recipe is in French, though, be sure to get your French-English dictionary out – the hardest thing was figuring out what “1 c. simple syrup” meant (turns out it’s a centiliter which equals 2 teaspoons).

So cheers to you for the holidays – drink up!


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