Catching up!

Oh, so good. Bittersweet, uncertain, open-ended, and more depressing than uplifting, but still, oh, so good. George Clooney is just…the man is just amazing. My mom compares him to Cary Grant – he makes every role seem effortless (I hope he doesn’t fool the Academy too well because if he hasn’t already won some awards, he deserves one and soon!).

And he’s surrounded by amazing people, too – unknown (or at least I didn’t know them) people, at that! Sure, Jason Bateman plays his boss, Zach Galifidjklsafndos (the guy from The Hangover) is one of the people he fires, and so is J.K. Skinner, but his main supporting cast (Natalie and Alex) are people I’ve never seen before (I recognized both of his sisters – one of them is Reese Witherspoon’s friend with a baby in a bar from Sweet Home, Alabama and the other one played…someone’s mother? In some movie? You’d recognize her if you saw her.)

So, yes, go see it and then tell me if you think his character learned anything or if he’ll fall back into his comfortable, and isolating, lifestyle. I can’t decide.

My rating: Go forth and see it!


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