Christmas morning brunch!

So one of those challahs my mom made went into the Drunken Caramel French Toast.

Super-easy – you make everything the night before (and it basically involves smooshing everything into a 9×13 pan) – and super-duper-yummy! Then…we had a throwdown. A cinnamon roll throwdown that pitted my dad’s grandmother’s cinnamon roll recipe:

against this year’s challenger, Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls.

Despite being at a disadvantage (I had to translate my recipe from Spanish, but it was oh, so worth it!), I declare myself the winner. I think the pumpkin cinnamon rolls came out a bit softer than my dad’s and I liked the extra depth of flavor the pumpkin added. But he still says he won (even though by the time we used the stale cinnamon rolls in a bread pudding, there were fewer of mine left in the pan). But it can’t all be sweets, so I also made a Rosemary Bacon Quiche With a Hash Brown Crust (plus two mini-quiches that are bacon-free for me).

This was a big hit! I like the idea of quiche (Eggs and cheese? Yes, please!) but am never fond of it in reality (it’s the pie crust – hate it every time!). The hash brown crust actually makes this lighter than it would ordinarily be. A nice twist on a traditional dish!


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