I’m leaving this picture bigger than I normally do because I want to be sure you get the full effect of the wondrous RDJ at work here.

Do you feel compelled to go see this movie yet? If not, just keep staring until the answer becomes yes.

So. It was with some trepidation that I went to see this movie. Yes, I  love RDJ, but my love for Holmes greatly outweighs that love and I did not want to see him wronged by Hollywood!

And he was not. Now, before Saturday, if you’d asked me, I would have said that I like my Holmes posh and repressing his insanity awesomeness, but RDJ plays it simmering just below the surface and it totally works – he’s got this wide-eyed, middle-distance stare where you just know his brain is miles ahead of the situation. Oh, it makes me weak in the knees! And Watson is super-cool – not a hint of bumbling or idiocy here. Jude Law’s Watson is one who may not be quite as fast as Holmes, but is definitely right on his heels.

And they have amazing chemistry! They have an easy, casual, and obvious affection for one another (The movie takes place right before Watson leaves Baker Street for greener pastures and Holmes is obviously not happy about the changes that will happen to their friendship once Watson is happily married off to Mary.) and it gives Holmes a depth that he doesn’t always have.

I thought Guy Ritchie did a really good job with it, too – it has lots of quick cuts and some quirky camera work (though it works!) and there is, of course, his trademark mumbling (I’m not entirely sure it’s not to hide RDJ’s British accent – it’s hard to tell how good it is because it’s impossible to hear him clearly at all!) which made me long for subtitles.

Mostly I’m excited for the obviously set up sequel – I always wonder why the Holmes movies avoid Professor Moriarty (I mean, come on, he’s the Napoleon of Crime – how can you not put him in your movie?!) and I think, in this case, it was to make him all the more ominous – the plot here is beneath his interest. So I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that I’m right and that we’ll see him soon!



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