The rest of Christmas Eve Day dinner!

After all those appetizers, I decided to stick with something fairly simple for the actual dinner part of things, the Roasted Potato and Leek Soup With Crispy Shallots.

Very rich and very tasty – despite the fact that I totally burned the shallots (they went much faster than anticipated!). To go with it, my mom made not one but two challahs!

Isn’t it beautiful? No, we didn’t really eat two challah for dinner, but I needed one to go with the soup and one for the next morning (all shall be revealed soon!)… For dessert we had a problematic Eggnog Brulee.

It ended up tasting pretty good, but the consistency is not as smooth and creamy as a brulee should be – it was too reminiscent of rice or tapioca pudding for me. The eggs didn’t cook during the stovetop part of it all, but the brulee took a LOT LONGER than anticipated to cook, so maybe that had something to do with it?

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