Welcome to my new project!

So, in a fit of love for He Who Tops My Literary Crush List (Followed Closely By Skulduggery Pleasant) aka Sherlock Holmes (reignited by the wonder that is RDJ [and perhaps aided a tiny bit by Jude Law’s Hotson Watson]), I recently decided that I would reread all of the Holmes canon (yes, even the Valley of Fear – OMG, so boring!).

First, I thought that I would simply revisit my tattered, old copy of the complete Sherlock Holmes and then I realized that I had the copy of the Baring-Gould annotated Holmes that I stole borrowed from my dad’s library and thought it would do me good to use that copy instead.

Foolishly, on a whim, I decided to look up the New Annotated Holmes that came out a few years ago and discovered that (according to the intarwebs) it was one of those wondrous versions that talks about Holmes as though he were a real person.

Why did no one tell me this?! Probably in an attempt to save me some money, since that is the one thing I am unable to resist (apart from JKJ, of course), no matter how well I am managing to adhere to my book-buying ban. (Honestly, it’s like being on a diet, I’ll be going along, doing so well and then suddenly I’ll find myself doing something like eating an entire cake buying the aforementioned New Annotated.) Which left me with the question of which version to read?

Well, the obvious answer is to read through them both simultaneously, right? So that’s what I’m going to do.

The next question was in what order to do it. Baring-Gould seems to be in the order that the cases actually happened to Holmes (starting with The Gloria Scott) while the New Annotated seems to go in the order the short stories were published (starting with Scandal in Bohemia). Long story short, I’m going to go with the New Annotated and experience Holmes the way Watson intended. 😉

Except it’s a trick! Despite the short stories being the first volumes of both annotateds, the novels (well, two of them) actually came first. So after all that, I’ll actually be starting with A Study in Scarlet.

Which brings me to my final question – would any of you like to join me? Eventually, my plan is to read one short story a week and divide up the novels accordingly, so I’m thinking that every Tuesday I’ll post my thoughts about that week’s story along with any particularly interesting things I learn from the various annotateds and if anyone would like to discuss in the comments, you’re more than welcome to. And if not, I’ll just post anyway!

So get thee to your local library or bookstore and get ready to curl up with Sherlock (honestly, who wouldn’t want to do that?!). Next Tuesday I’ll post for the first part (chapters 1-7) of A Study in Scarlet. Hope you’ll join me! (And cross your fingers that I can actually follow through on this project…)

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my new project!

  1. I will try to keep up. We’ll see if Mom can too. i’m interested in your comments from the annotated versions (since you have my copy of the Baring-Gould). I think the publication order is the best. I guess I think the stories are basically a chronicle of Holmes AND Watson, not just Holmes’ career, so since Study in Scarlet tells how H & W got together, it’s the appropriate starting point. I know other (incorrect) viewpoints may exist.

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