A Public Service Announcement

Before you get lost in the maze that is my brain when it comes to Sherlock Holmes, I feel it is my duty to warn you of an evil that may be threatening you:


Don’t get me wrong, my mom and I did not go in with high expectations, but we thought Amy Adams is cute, the main guy is cute, Ireland is pretty, how bad can it be?! The answer is very. Basically, if you see this movie, you will have to sit through an hour and a half of the screenwriter insulting your intelligence. Every character is unlikable and every predictable plot device that you could ever, ever possibly think of happens to these unlikable people!

And that was all in the first half hour. After that, I turned to my mom and asked her what time it was. We decided that this made 27 Dresses look like Citizen Kane and decided to leave. I have never left a movie before! And I’m going to confess to something deeply shameful in an attempt to convince you of my seriousness – remember that movie I saw that I was too embarrassed to tell you about? Remember how I DIDN’T leave it?

It was Transformers 2.

My rating: Leap Year is worse than Transformers 2. ‘Nuff said.


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