It’s that time of year again!

Girl Scout cookie time! And now that I’m eating chocolate (occasionally) again, I’ve been doing a bit of pining. No, not for the Thin Mints (I was never a huge fan), but for the Peanut Butter Patties and…the Samoas. But, poor as I am, Girl Scout cookies are a bit on the expensive side (I think they’re, like, a million dollars for a box that contains 5 cookies)* so I’m forced to make my own.

Enter the ever-yummy Baking Bites. She does provide a recipe that will result in authentic Samoas, but I was feeling lazy and decided to opt for the bar form of the cookie – they taste the same, no matter what shape they’re in. Which is yummy.

So, if you’re reading a long with me, I’d recommend taking a quick break from the Alkali Flats and whipping these up. I think Holmes would approve.

*No, I’m kidding. They’re $3.50 per box and are for a very good cause – I know, I was a Girl Scout myself and was once on the selling side of things (Claire [or any other of Internationals that may be out there], what’s your big Girl Scout/Guide fundraiser thing?). So, if you can, support your local Girl Scout!