It’s that time of year again!

Girl Scout cookie time! And now that I’m eating chocolate (occasionally) again, I’ve been doing a bit of pining. No, not for the Thin Mints (I was never a huge fan), but for the Peanut Butter Patties and…the Samoas. But, poor as I am, Girl Scout cookies are a bit on the expensive side (I think they’re, like, a million dollars for a box that contains 5 cookies)* so I’m forced to make my own.

Enter the ever-yummy Baking Bites. She does provide a recipe that will result in authentic Samoas, but I was feeling lazy and decided to opt for the bar form of the cookie – they taste the same, no matter what shape they’re in. Which is yummy.

So, if you’re reading a long with me, I’d recommend taking a quick break from the Alkali Flats and whipping these up. I think Holmes would approve.

*No, I’m kidding. They’re $3.50 per box and are for a very good cause – I know, I was a Girl Scout myself and was once on the selling side of things (Claire [or any other of Internationals that may be out there], what’s your big Girl Scout/Guide fundraiser thing?). So, if you can, support your local Girl Scout!


4 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again!

  1. We must make these when I’m visiting!!

    Here in oz, we also used to sell girl guide cookies (not as fancy and as without such a wide range – we just had plain and chocolate dipped). I liked them, but not sure if they still do that.

    Our other fundraiser which was just in Sydney, was collecting Corks (like out of wine bottles), which we then got money for from a company that recycled them…

    • Yes, we must because they are sooooo tasty!

      Cool – when I was writing this post, I suddenly realized that, although GS cookies are pretty iconic in the States, I had no idea what Guides in other countries did. Schools here do a sort of similar thing, I think, to the cork thing except with box tops (like from cereal boxes) and without the recycling.

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