In which I fail and succeed all at the same time!

I realised the other day that I’ve been quite lax in my cooking adventures – even baking has consisted only of the samoa bars and the cinnamon roll coffee cake for quite some time now! So I decided that I would try my hand at Indian food.

First, I made paneer – I know, right?! I assumed that paneer was full of exotic ingredients like sheep’s milk or…something like sheep’s milk. Turns out, it’s only milk and yoghurt! I think I may have actually squeezed out a little too much of its liquid – I mean, it’s perfectly fine, but it’s a little crumblier than I think it should be.

And what to do with my paneer? Dal! (Should that have two ‘a’s? It seems like it ought to be daal, but the website I got the recipe from just has the one…) Very easy, very yummy, not very pretty. Behold!

Obviously the recipe doesn’t call for paneer, but I love it, so I added it (after the onions had been sauteeing for a while, but before adding the lentils back in). I also added potatoes in with the lentils to boil a bit in the stock and turmeric. It made a ton! Thank goodness it turned out well because I’ll be eating it for quite some time.

And, to quote Martha (for no good reason), that’s a good thing.

ETA: Oh, right, I forgot the ‘fail’ part of this post! To go along with my Indian food, I attempted to make naan bread. Unfortunately, my yeast didn’t feel like starting (and I may have added a little too much flour, but I’m going to continue to blame the yeast for my failure) and it just turned into a boulder of dough. I will try again, though, because it looks fairly easy and who doesn’t love naan bread?!


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