It’s not all Holmes all the time around here, you know…

…just mostly Holmes most of the time. But this last weekend, I went to see a movie with my friend Liz from work. What did we see?

The Wolfman was…a little problematic. I think overall, we both had fun seeing it, but there were things that can only be described as, yeah, problematic. First of all, I can’t quite decide what this movie was trying to be. I felt like it was sort of aware of what it was doing, especially with the hyper-violence (there is a lot of disemboweling in this movie – A LOT) and kind of over-the-top atmosphere (more on that in a moment), but I’m not sure it knew that we knew that it knew what it was doing. Are you lost? Yeah, so am I. See? Problematic!

We could actually put our fingers on one problem – the pacing. There are three big set pieces of chasing and gore: 1) in the gypsy camp, 2) the rampage in London, and 3) the final showdown. But in between that – and with the film clocking in at only 1 hour and 42 minutes (rather short for a period horror/drama film, I thought) – things seem to fly past. Especially the interactions between Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro (who is strangely appealing in this role – at least so long as he keeps his mouth shut!).

And just two silly things now. First, after his rampage in London, there is a moment where Wolfie takes refuge under a bridge near the Thames and creeps down to the river for a drink. My immediate thought was ‘Well, forget silver bullets, I think that should take care of things rather quickly for us.’ I mean, Victorian Thames water is probably the worst thing you could ever dream of drinking! But I suppose his wolf constitution is rather stronger than a man’s so perhaps he can be forgiven for surviving a bit longer.

Then, as he makes his way (SLOWLY!) back to the more suitably eerie moors of the beginning of the film, he and Emily Blunt basically make their separate ways through this painting:

Seriously. Indulge me for a moment and just stare at that picture for a while. Now imagine a man staggering through it. Now imagine a woman riding a horse through it. And now some staggering while a tree is being cut down (no, I’m not kidding – DO IT!). And maybe a little more staggering. All set? You have now experienced the third quarter of The Wolfman.

Even though it sounds like I’m pretty down on this movie it was pretty fun – Anthony Hopkins is suitably creepy, Emily Blunt suitably heroic, Hugo Weaving suitably cynical (but awesome), and Benicio del Toro (so long as he remains silent) suitably dashing and tragic.

My rating: Perfectly fun, but I wasn’t kidding about the disemboweling, so be sure your constitution is suitably sturdy (maybe practice by drinking out of the Thames first and see how you go).

2 thoughts on “It’s not all Holmes all the time around here, you know…

  1. Anne–

    I thought about blogging about the Wolfman, too. But you’re said all I would say (and did a much better job of it, too)–

    Of course I agree with everything you said 100%–but it was still fun to watch, wasn’t it?

    P.S.>I like your blog. I’ll check out more later. Have an awesome time in Hawaii!!


    • It was – as I was writing this, I kept thinking ‘Why does this sound so negative? I had fun at thus movie!’

      Glad you like my blog (you need to update yours) – now get back to work! 😉

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