Re: Olympic figure skating

Two Three things:

  1. Why does all their music SUCK?! Seriously! In order to watch the figure skating without actually ripping my ears off of my head, I have to turn the sound down, put on my headphones, and pretend they’re skating to whatever I’m listening to (admittedly, anything sounds better when done to a soundtrack of Adam Lambert [and I’m only half-embarrassed to admit that because, although he was an American Idol contestant (which I most assuredly do not watch), he is actually made of awesome (and now I’m lost in a maze of parentheses and brackets, let’s see if I can close them accurately…)]). I think I got it right. ETA: Okay, to be fair, there is a guy skating to a song from the Amelie soundtrack (no, I lied, he is mixing Amelie with something painfully painful), but mostly I am SO OVER the face paint. NO MORE SAD CLOWNS, PLZKTHNXBAI! ETA2: OMG, a Phantom of the Opera medley?! What is this, 1992?! DO NOT WANT!
  2. WHY DOES NO ONE DO DELAYED AXELS ANYMORE?!?!?! This makes me SO FRUSTRATED! Honestly, I want someone to do a delayed quad (and since when does everybody do quads – I remember when Kurt Browning was attemping to do one and all the commentators were like ‘OH MY GOD, HE’S ATTEMPTING A QUAD!’ in the same tone of voice which would be appropriate for someone attempting to…okay, it’s late and I can’t actually think of something ridiculously, literally, awesomely amazing with which to compare figure skating so please to be inserting your own hyperbole here [yes, I make you work at my blog and, yes, I did have to just go look up the word hyperbole to make sure I’d used it correctly (I did)]) and blow everyone’s minds! (Again with the maze of asides – hope you kept up with me all right…) Now that would be awesome.
  3. Also, and this is not related to figure skating, why did they just hand Shaun White (who I adore) a cabbage on the podium? Okay, to be honest, it is not actually a cabbage, but it is a very sad victory bouquet which really does rather strongly resemble a cabbage. Perhaps cabbage bouquets are more manly? I don’t know.

10 thoughts on “Re: Olympic figure skating

  1. a) the “cabbage” is a temporary presentation as the medal presentations are actually delayed (I’m assuming they hold them inside instead of out in the cold, but since they make the people stand and wait for a “cabbage” anyway, why not go the whole hog and just give them the stupid medal then and there?).

    b) i found the parenthesis very amusing and encourage their proliferant use in future.

    c) agreed with the music. and i’ve actually only seen ONE routine that actually matched somewhat with what was happening with the music, rather than just being unappropriately loud elevator music while people are skating around…

    d) we totally rock with Torah winning gold in the half pipe, but can someone take Dale Begg-Smith back, please? we don’t like him, and don’t feel my urge for Australia to win a silver medal outweighs the annoyance I have of him mogul-ing for my country.

    • a) You’re right – that doesn’t make any sense!

      b) I get lost in my own asides, so I’m glad you were able to find your way valiantly through them!

      c) Maybe I’m just getting old, but I don’t think they always used to pick such horrible bland music! And I totally agree that the choreography does NOT match the music at all! Very annoying.

      d) I know, I saw – well done, Australia!

      I’m afraid I’m not up on my mogulists, though – who is Dale Begg-Smith and what has he done to annoy you so?

      • Dale Begg-Smith is an “Australian” mogul-er, who apparantly deflected from his homeland of Canada to ski for Australia because coaches told him his business took too much time and concentration away from his training. He won silver and didn’t smile AT ALL – he appears to be arrogant and grumpy (and according to wikipedia he’s loaded $$$). And I just don’t like him. He won gold last Winter Olympics, but only silver this time.

  2. OK I’m no longer confused.
    for b), I should have said:

    b) i found the parentheses very amusing and encourage their proliferant use in future.

  3. Wow, I completely missed all of these two (wait, I mean three) things! Every time I turn the Olympics on, I miss figure skating. I did watch curling last night, which I find awesome. Now I’m curious to hear the figure skating music, though!

    • I keep missing the curling! Are they showing it on NBC or a fancier channel? There’s something sort of soothing and hypnotic about it, isn’t there?

      Figure skating on this evening – starting at 6, I think (ice dancing)! The music that everybody’s been skating to has just been so bland – lots of piano/muzak arrangements of things (two Barbra Streisand songs!). So boring when there’s so much good music out there to choose from!

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