I’ve been meaning to make this cake for ages…

…because it is one of the few recipes I’ve come across that uses cocoa powder rather than actual chocolate and it is much easier to substitute carob powder for cocoa powder than it is for chocolate. (This is how long I’ve been meaning to make this cake – since before the continuing chocolate experiment.) But for some reason (probably because it yields an entire sheet cake), I’d kept putting it off and putting it off and forgotten entirely about it.

But I’ve recently had some extra time on my hands and used a lot of it to basically read the entirety of Pioneer Woman‘s posting history and stumbled across the familiar, yet untried, recipe for Texas sheet cake. It looked very easy and I had all the ingredients in my pantry, so I figured I would finally stop procrastinating and make it.

That is the sad remaining piece of this yummy, yummy cake (Again, apologies for the blurry photo – I got my lights back, but have managed to misplace the cord to connect my camera to my computer, so Edward has had to step up and do his best). I think I ate about a third of it myself before I finally said “Okay, I have to start sharing this or I will actually eat an entire sheet pan of cake all by myself. And I really shouldn’t do that, no matter how easy it would be.” It got rave reviews (even though it used carob powder rather than cocoa powder) from everybody – especially the frosting/icing which is sweet without being rich (despite having two sticks of butter in it – I also left out the pecans [surprise, surprise]).

So I highly recommend this recipe – it really is the best Texas sheet cake recipe (not that I would know, never having had any before, but I believe her). Just be sure you have lots of friends to share it with!


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