One movie I really want to see and one I really don’t (except I kind of maybe do…)

OMG, this movie had me from this first time I saw the trailer in the theater and felt the BWEAAUUUUGGHHH! sound that’s in it (the effect is not the same watching the trailer on your computer, but trust me – it’s super-awesome). I don’t even like Leonardo DiCaprio (I’ve never forgiven him for Titanic [even though I’ve never seen Titanic]), but I cannot wait to see this movie.

And then there’s this one:

No, I don’t really want to see it – I only kind of maybe want to see it because OMG, KRAKEN! (He’s not in that trailer, but you’ve seen the ones on TV, I’m sure, you know how much awesome he’s made of, but I had to show you this one because I love how it’s all ‘Titans…will…clash…Clash of the Titans.’ Redundant!trailer is redundant!) But mostly I can’t because all I can think whenever I see Liam Neeson say ‘Release the kraken’ is that I reeeeallly hope that French and Saunders will do a parody of this because I NEED to see Jennifer Saunders done up as Liam Neeson done up as Zeus (who looks exactly like Jennifer Saunders done up as Gandalf). Don’t you think? (The whole thing’s funny, but skip ahead to 2:50 if you want to see what I mean…)


2 thoughts on “One movie I really want to see and one I really don’t (except I kind of maybe do…)

  1. You know I would totally go see Clash of the Titans with you if I could — it can’t possibly make me feel any more shame than Transformers 2 did, right? (Ugh, just writing its title makes me shudder…I think I need to wash my eyes. Again.)

    • It’s so good that I have a friend willing to be convinced to join me when I am unable to resist these special-effects travesties! (If only you didn’t live so far away!)

      You know what will make you feel better? Just say ‘Titans…will…clash…Clashofthetitans’ in a ponderous voice a few times and that should take care of things!

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