The beginnings of a long overdue (but slowgoing) quest!

I think the intarwebz covered a couple of years ago and pretty much decided that this recipe was the best, but I, as part of my continuing chocolate experiment, have decided that I need to find my very own perfect recipe (though I probably will try that recipe at some point as long as I can track down Valrhona feves just to see what all the fuss is about). (Not ‘my very own’ in that I’m going to come up with a recipe myself – that’s not how I roll – but ‘my very own’ in that it’s perfect for me.) I started where you would expect – at Smitten Kitchen with her crispy chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe. Strangely, I chose it because she said it had a lower chip-to-dough ratio than one recipe and were thicker and softer than another she’d tested.

First of all, if this is considered to be a low chip-to-dough ratio, then I can’t even imagine how super-rich and super-sweet that other recipe is. I think my perfect cookie will have more dough and less chips. Also, these cookies, at least the ones I made, were neither particularly thick nor particularly soft, so I can’t even imagine how crunchy the other recipe is! They’re certainly not bad, but I think I don’t need to make them again.

I did pick up a good tip, though – once you’ve made the dough, you scoop out the cookies onto a cookie sheet, flash freeze them, stow them away, and then, voila!, you can have freshly baked cookies at a moment’s notice! (A moment being, of course, the time it takes your oven to warm up and then actually bake the cookies.)

I think I’ll try this one from Joy the Baker next and see how we go!

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