In which I am a light packer

We have arrived in Hawaii and met up with Louisa. This is me with my luggage!

No, just kidding – my luggage didn’t make the flight from San Francisco (that must be such a power rush, huh? “Okay, Bob, for weight purposes, one of these bags isn’t getting on this flight. Choose wisely.”)

But don’t worry, it was getting on the next flight and should be delivered to the condo this afternoon. Cross your fingers, though – I don’t want to have to wear jeans and flip flops to Cayt’s wedding!

How I roll

I have air travel down to an art. Want to see my secret weapon? Yes, it’s toe socks and flip flops! They get me through security super fast and without having to walk barefoot where millions of people have walked (germs!), they’re comfy on the plane and keep my feet warm on the plane, too.

They do get me strange looks sometimes, but they’re worth it. Besides, I usually travel on my own and I don’t mind. Just know thst if you ever travel with me, this is what awaits you!