Everything in Hawaii!

…is what we saw today. Aside from a nice holiday, I’m here for the wedding of one of my good friends, Cayt, and in addition to the usual wedding festivities, they’ve also arranged for quite a few excursions for all of us. Today was a bus tour of pretty much the entire island of Oahu!

I’m not kidding – we saw:
*Diamond Head Lookout (Cubic Zirconium Lookout, anybody?)
*Hanauma Bay Lookout (I think we’re going back to go snorkelling here, later)
*Halona Blowhole Lookout
*Makapu’u Beach Park Lookout
*Kailua Town (where the entire busload of us promptly descended upon the bookshop – and I found Sherlock Holmes in America)
*Pali Lookout
*Tropical Farms
*Kualua Ranch (where Jurassic Park and Lost were filmed)
*Waimea Bay
*Turtle Beach (and, yes, there was a turtle there)
*Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice (very yummy!)
*Haleiwa Town
*Sunset Beach

See? Everything!


4 thoughts on “Everything in Hawaii!

  1. Anne!

    That’s a lot of lookouts!!

    Why is there no photo of the turtle?

    Also, that sunset beach shot is just amazingly beautiful – good job. Was that an Edward shot? If so, good job Edward.

    • We were running late to get to Sunset Beach in time for sunset, so the bus just stopped alongside Turtle Beach for a moment so we could have a look.

      I know! I was very proud of Edward!

    • Just on our way to the beach for photos after the ceremony (which was gorgeous)! I’ll tell her you said to say congrats! đŸ™‚

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