A Day at the Beach

Quite literally! We spent a couple hours this morning and afternoon an Hanauma Bay doing some snorkelling. Despite some rain earlier (and as I’m typing this), we ended up with a beautiful day in the middle. We saw lots of fish – and two BIG sea turtles! Very exciting! The fish weren’t at all timid – I guess they’re used to all the visitors – so it was easy to spot them. I don’t think they were as colorful or as diverse as what we saw on the Barrier Reef, but it was still fun. Towards the end of the afternoon, the tide was coming in and things were getting a bit rougher, so we (or rather, I [frankly I’m always just proud of myself for getting in the ocean in the first place, so staying in is an even bigger achievement]) decided to head back to Waikiki.

Mom hadn’t yet had a chance to go to her favorite beach so she and I headed down there while Louisa did a bit more shopping. Very nice – though it was starting to be a bit chilly – especially the surfer eye candy just next to us (I hadn’t brought Edward or I’d have tried to Kinnear a picture for you)!