Holmes Wouldn’t Mind Being Used Like That

When Mom and I travel, we like to take along our cribbage board (there was a pretty carved wooden one in the gift shop of the Surfrider for $150, but that’s too good for us – on the one we have, I play with mismatched pegs and we use a broken toothpick to keep track of the games) and have a tournament – and seeing as we are both pretty competitive (my mom wouldn’t even let me win at Candyland when I was little), things can get pretty intense!

In the picture here, I’m about to take a decisive lead from which she was unable to recover and nudging me ahead 4 games to 3.

Holmes (which I just noticed was written by Bill Blackbeard, IDEK!) makes a good table – and extra points go to anyone who can decipher the design on the back of our Carnival cards. Mom insists it’s the ship’s smokestacks, but I’m just not seeing it…


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