Back to baking!

It’s been too long since I did any baking – high time I got started on it again! One of the girls at work has given up chocolate for Lent, so I had to put my plans to make this on hold so that I’d still be able to share. I was intrigued by this recipe for Orange Angel Food Cupcakes with Whipped Cream Frosting – I like angel food cakes but had never realized that they could be made as cupcakes. But they can!

And they’re good, too! The whipped cream “frosting” is a nice touch – as the original poster says, a more traditional frosting would have been too heavy for these cupcakes. As it is, it’s just a nice touch of extra sweetness. Perfect!

(The only problem is that it takes 5 egg whites, so now I have 5 egg yolks in my freezer waiting for a suitable recipe to use them up…)


2 thoughts on “Back to baking!

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