Jude Law vs. Hotson

I wanted to see this movie to see if it was Jude Law that I liked or just Hotson – I mean, objectively, I admit that Jude Law is appealing, but I never really was in the Jude Law camp until I saw Hotson. But now I’m in the Jude Law camp.

The movie is problematic – quite a few little plot holes, to say nothing of the ending (Liz summed it up best when she said she felt betrayed by the movie. She’s so right! Betrayed!) – and I’m not entirely sure I liked it at the time, but now, the longer I think about it, the more I think I actually did like it. Not that I think I need to see it again, but I don’t feel like I was robbed of two hours of my life or anything.

If you haven’t seen the previews, essentially, in the glittery, kind of dystopian future, there’s a corporation who has gone into the business of offering synthetic organs and, when you fall behind on payments, they get repossessed by men like Jude Law and Forrest Whittaker (according to IMDB, their character names are Remy and Jake, but after the movie was over, neither Liz nor I could remember ever hearing anyone call Jude Law’s character by name…). Then Jude Law ends up being a repossessee rather than the repossesser and we’re off!

A warning – it’s violent. Like, over the top violent. But, yeah, there’s something really appealing about Jude Law – although when I first saw him and he didn’t have on his Hotson mustache, all I could think was ‘That’s not my Judesie!’

My rating: I don’t know that I’d recommend it, but it wasn’t terrible – maybe rent it?

ETA1: I forgot! The one thing I had no problems liking about this movie was the soundtrack! Very cool – lots of sort of downtempo, chillout remixes of things (it made me think of a Back to Mine CD really) that were at odds with the frantic or violent things happening in the movie (a cliche that I’m a sucker for).

ETA2: I also forgot! There are two appearances by people in shows from my Thursday night comedy lineup. Shirley from Community is in it and even has a few lines – and gets to threaten Jude Law! Way to go, Shirley! And I think I spotted the young, dark-haired girl from Parks and Recreation getting killed by Jude Law near the end. Way to go, young, dark-haired girl!


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