You asked for it…

It is with some trepidation that I’m finally posting this for you, but Janis requested the updated version and who am I to disappoint? So, without further ado:

What we looked like in 1986...

...and what we look like in 2010.

Not an exact recreation (I prefer the original one – apparently it’s done by a photographer who’s a portraiture legend [my mom likens it to having a Rembrandt hanging in our hallway]), but not as horrific as I was imagining it could be.


4 thoughts on “You asked for it…

  1. Looking at these, the only things that I can think are that my mom totally has prey eyes (set on the sides of her head like a deer instead of on the front of her face like a cat) and that I have cold, dead shark eyes! D:

    But I’m glad you like it. 😉

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