Oi! Subconscious! Pick an idea and stick with it!

Uh, I had actually divulged my ideas for my new writing project to some of you and I have to say that, in the wave of a revelation about Henry, Ephraim, and Jack (who were previously on a timeout for being uncooperative [and poor Finny and her lighthouse never even crossed my mind]), Ned, Vera, and what’s-his-name (it’s probably not a good sign that I STILL haven’t come up with a name for my second lead) have now been sent to the corner to think about what they’re supposed to be doing.

So now instead of WWII, I’m focusing on Napoleonic!Britain/States? Or maybe Gold Rush!California/Australia…

In which the world’s shortest quest concludes!

There are many things I should be doing right now: reading Sherlock Holmes and making notes for Tuesday’s book club post, making my grocery list for the week, learning to play the ukelele (yes, really), painting my fingernails (and also making sure they’re short enough for the aforementioned ukelele playing), berating myself about not doing any writing (which reminds me that I should also be making a short post about that, too), or working on a post about how (or whether or not) our exposure to pop culture as children/teens molds our personality and tastes as an adult all sparked by an amazing, hilarious, and insightful review of Twilight.

Any of those things would be a productive use of my time. What have I been doing instead? MAKING THE MOST DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES I HAVE HAD IN OVER FIFTEEN YEARS!*

Yes, that is a photo of the freshly baked cookies cowering in terror before a reminder of their imminent fate a giant glass of milk – I was too excited to try them to even attempt to be artistic. So, if you remember, last time I mentioned that I was going to try Joy the Baker’s chocolate chip cookie recipe. Well, this is it and it’s amazing! It’s everything I want in a cookie – it’s chewy with just a touch of crispiness along the very outside edges and buttery and I think you can taste the difference the brown sugar makes. Perfect.

Also, it conveniently uses one egg plus one egg yolk and what do I have sitting in my freezer ready to be used (along with the rest of the ready-to-bake cookie dough from this recipe)? I only have to make this recipe four more times and I’ll have used them all up! Life is hard sometimes, but I shall endeavor to struggle through.

*Okay, to be fair, that’s the amount of time that I wasn’t eating chocolate – a more accurate description here might be that these are, in fact, the most delicious chocolate chip cookies I have had in the last nine months or so. Oh, which reminds me, I probably used about half (or a little more than half) of the called-for chocolate chips – I may be eating chocolate again, but I find too much of it is just overwhelmingly rich and sweet and yuck.