Oi! Subconscious! Pick an idea and stick with it!

Uh, I had actually divulged my ideas for my new writing project to some of you and I have to say that, in the wave of a revelation about Henry, Ephraim, and Jack (who were previously on a timeout for being uncooperative [and poor Finny and her lighthouse never even crossed my mind]), Ned, Vera, and what’s-his-name (it’s probably not a good sign that I STILL haven’t come up with a name for my second lead) have now been sent to the corner to think about what they’re supposed to be doing.

So now instead of WWII, I’m focusing on Napoleonic!Britain/States? Or maybe Gold Rush!California/Australia…

2 thoughts on “Oi! Subconscious! Pick an idea and stick with it!

  1. Do let me know if you settle on Gold Rush/California, for you know of course that I live smack in the middle of Gold Rush country. Probably you will want to come here and do some research!

    • Oh, that’s right, you do! Hmm, maybe I should come for a visit just in case – besides, at the very worst, it can’t hurt to know lots about the Gold Rush just for the fun of it! 😉

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