Something new!

I seem to have headed off in the direction of the Middle East for dinners this week – I’m planning on falafel later on (complete with homemade pitas – cross your fingers!) and tonight I had Turkish Eggs!

I’ve never even heard of Turkish Eggs, but I’m glad they caught my eye on Foodgawker yesterday – they’re very tasty despite being a very different combination of flavors and textures (and temperatures, though I think that might be because I paused to take photos [and forgot to toast the bread until everything else was finished]). It’s cool and tangy from the yogurt and warm and creamy from the poached eggs and spicy from the crushed red pepper flakes and paprika-y from the paprika (how would you describe paprika?) and garlicky from the garlic and onion-y from the chives. It all comes together to be delicious!

And now I’m going to follow it with some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies courtesy of yesterday and my freezer!

2 thoughts on “Something new!

  1. May I brag and say that I just made the best pepper-and-egg sandwiches ever made in the history of Lent?

    But this does look like the best egg dish ever!

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