I’m very proud of myself!

I’ve got my falafels in the freezer and my tzatziki sauce and pita dough in the refrigerator. But that’s for tomorrow night’s dinner. Tonight I made tuna-stuffed avocados and Caesar salad.

I know, I know, I bill myself as a vegetarian, but sometimes I just get this craving for protein that only fish can provide! Which means canned tuna. Because of the fish guilt. And this was very good – and very easy…and very fast! Maybe a bit heavy on the mayonnaise for me – I might do a blend of mayonnaise and dijon mustard next time instead – but the crunch of the red onion and the hint of spice from the crushed red pepper flakes are a nice contrast to the tuna and the avocado.

And I had one heart of romaine left over from the salad that never ended, so I decided to make myself a Caesar salad. Except I didn’t use the anchovies (fish guilt!). And, despite the fact that I have four egg yolks sitting in my freezer, just waiting to be used in a recipe, I didn’t use them either (the substitution was so convenient – I’ll never finish this mayonnaise as it is, I figured I may as well use some of it up in this salad, plus, in order to freeze egg yolks, you have to mix them with either salt or sugar to keep them from becoming too gelatinous when you defrost them again and, assuming I was more likely to use them in a custard than a Hollandaise sauce, I went with the sugar which I doubt would go very well in a salad dressing). Also, I used Romano cheese, a close-but-not-quite Parmesan (I bet Fenimore Cooper made that same substitution – holla to all the Mark Twain fans!). So it’s a faux-Caesar salad. But it’s authentically yummy!


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