You just can’t win them all, I guess…*

Perhaps if I’d had more patience and hadn’t let things get to the point where I was like ‘RAWR, ANNE HUNGRY NOW’ which is followed closely on the spectrum of things by *HULKSMASH*, I would have had better luck with the pitas.

First, I think I didn’t roll them thin enough – I really should keep a ruler in the kitchen because otherwise, I have to go digging through the Closet of Despair trying to find my tape measure or end up just using a yardstick, which would be laughable in this situation. Second, I think they probably did need a little more moisture – Smitten Kitchen recommends spritzing them with a little water if necessary, but again…*HULKSMASH*

Also, I totally burned myself, not once but twice, when I was trying to get the first batch of them out of the oven. The first time, because the cowardly upper rack just came out of nowhere and the second time because I foolishly went back for more.

It feels a lot worse than it looks there – which seems unfair – I keep having to pause my dinner to go run my hand under cold water and, like I said, HUNGRY!

Anyway, once the falafel were done baking (I used this method of baking them [because I hate, hate, hate frying things – it never goes well and it just ends up with my apartment smelling of oil] – they turned out a little dry, but I think that’s because, not only do I think I made them kind of on the small side, they were, you know, frozen first) – I looked at the size of my pita flatbreads (cowardly bastards):

and looked at what I had ready to fold up in one (along with the falafels and, uh, minus the timer, of course):

And quickly deduced (Holmes would be proud of me) that what the situation called for was an open-faced sandwich. Which is what I did.

And, lo, it was yummy.** So I guess I did win after all!

*Hey, look, it’s my 700th post! If only I was as prolific in my real writing…

**And, yes, I did chase it with that big, girly, pink drink you see there (Margarita + grenadine = OMG WIN!). Dammit, my burnt hand deserves it!


2 thoughts on “You just can’t win them all, I guess…*

  1. Nice save! Wish there was something I could’ve done with yesterday’s almond coffeecake to turn it into a success. Instead, I threw it in the trash and poured a glass of wine…

    • Thanks! And I had the falafels again for lunch today but only baked them for 20 minutes and they were much less dry.

      That’s very sad about your almond coffeecake – it sounds like it would have been very tasty. But a glass of wine can be equally tasty, too! 😉

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