New Who!

I am the first one to admit that I am resistant to change, especially when it means that I will no longer be seeing David Tennant on a regular basis. But I found myself being charmed by Eleven!Doctor despite the fact that I find his brow a bit on the heavy side. (What can I say, I’m shallow?!)

The Doctor and his new Companion, Amelia have good chemistry – of which I approve this time. I think it’s because there’s no overlap this time around – we had Nine!Doctor and Rose and then we had Ten!Doctor and Rose and Martha and Donna and on his own, but now we have Eleven!Doctor and Amelia. I no longer have to spend my time shouting at the TV (as I told Liz) ‘Get away from him, Martha, you slag! He belongs to Rose!’ (I liked Ten!Doctor and Donna because I didn’t have to do that, but I felt like he was always pining for Rose anyway and it made me sad.) Now I don’t have to do that anymore! So it’s sort of like starting anew – I remember David Tennant!Doctor, but Matt Smith!Doctor seems like a  completely new character since there are no holdovers to remind me of who he used to be.

I love that the whole village knows about the Doctor! I love Amelia (I wouldn’t have turned my back either!) – she seems adventurous and curious like Rose but not smug and insufferable like Martha. And just a quick question about the Doctor himself – doesn’t he need his tea before he can function first as we learned when Nine! regenerated into Ten!? Maybe that’s why the Tardis and his sonic screwdriver were misfunctioning at the beginning…

I like that they’ve set up hints of an overarching plot to set us up for the rest of the series – hopefully Moffat will be able to follow through better than he (or maybe that was just RTD’s failing) usually is (and just like he didn’t with Donna – I’m sure I saw the beetle thingy on her back in a later episode – just a hint of it but with no explanation). Speaking of series, does anyone know how many episodes we’re getting this time?

Also, yay, callback to all the other Doctors and yes, threatening!Doctor does push all my buttons – I am on board! 😉

So I have been grudgingly won over and am looking forward to more! (OMG, River, WWII Daleks, Cybermen, THE WEEPING ANGELS [WANT WANT WANT NOW] – SERIOUSLY, SOMEBODY TELL ME HOW LONG I HAVE TO WAIT FOR MORE!)