Cake I’m not crazy about!

I can hear you now. ‘Anne,’ you say, ‘have you learned nothing?’ Well, I can only say that after this I really, honestly, truly will trust my instincts about what I will and won’t like. Because I totally should have seen this coming.

And I can even tell you why. It’s the cinnamon. As I was measuring it out, I thought to myself ‘You know, you don’t have to put it in just because the recipe calls for it.’ And I told myself to shut up and did it anyway. In an attempt to mask it, I also added vanilla and two lemons worth of zest (which got completely swallowed up by the cake, might I add, you really cannot tell it’s there at all). But still…cinnamon.

I think, for me, cinnamon doesn’t go with blueberries because it’s a warm, cozy flavor and blueberries are fresh and bright and they just should never, ever be paired together. But the girls at work didn’t seem to object to the cake, so here is the recipe – objectively, it’s a good cake; subjectively, I will even probably make this again, but, for the love of god, I will not add the cinnamon.