In addition to a Pegasus, I would also like a Night Fury in my stocking this year.

And then we watched How to Train Your Dragon.

I wanted to see this just because Craig Ferguson was in it (though, like the kraken, he’s not in it as much as I had hoped) but it turned out to be an utterly enchanting movie! It is funny and charming and suspenseful and earnest and I love it.

Most of its charm lies solely with Toothless, the Night Fury dragon that our hero discovers – OMG, SO ADORABLE. WANT!

I lied before, when I said that I didn’t want 3D in my movies – Ebert didn’t seem to think the 3D really did anything for this movie, but the reviewer at EW said that seeing it in 3D was amazing, particularly in the flying scenes – I think this is one that I wouldn’t mind going back to see in 3D because I think I’d probably agree with EW, mostly because, unlike TitansWillClash, I was never aware of scenes that were intended to be elicit the big 3D oohs and aaahs which I think means that the film isn’t depending on special effects and tricks to disguise larger overarching problems.

My rating: Go forth and see this movie!

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