Moving on!

So, yeah, there was that.

But then I made a cake! A WEIRD cake, too! What kind of a weird cake?


I know, right?! But I was intrigued. It did involve a search for root beer concentrate, but other than that, was very easy. And it does taste like, well, root beer. I mean, at first it’s just a chocolate cake, but then there’s a moment of ‘Hey, wait a minute, there’s something else going on here!’

I will definitely try this again but with a different brand of root beer concentrate – I used McCormick’s because it’s the only thing the store had, but it doesn’t smell like I was expecting it to. It’s more spicy and less vanilla-y than I thought it would be. I don’t know if that means my beloved (and this is coming from someone who really hardly ever drinks soda) A&W is not an authentic representation of root beer or if McCormick’s just uses a weird formula or what, but that’s my main problem with the cake – is that I want that sweet, vanilla root beer flavor and what I’m getting is oddly spicy.

The frosting is really good, though – and if you can manage to get a bite of cake with a high frosting to cake ratio (something I never thought I’d say) – it helps, I think. The recipe makes a TON of frosting and, based on the original photo, I decided not to frost the whole cake, just the top, but I totally could have and, since I think the frosting really helps with the flavor, I should have. Also, the frosting is really, really thick – I was expecting it to be the sort of frosting/glaze that you just drape over the top of the cake, but it’s not. You have to spread this stuff – and that was after I added more root beer to get it to even be spreadable.

Now, my jury is still out on this one – I really want to like it because I like root beer and I like chocolate (or, if I’m honest, carob) cake but I just keep getting hung up on the not-my-idea-of-root-beer flavor  – but the girls at work, despite my unintentionally overdramatic and accidentally horrifying description of the cake and my concerns, unanimously approved of the cake.

p.s. – Claire, I can’t wait until you’re visiting and we’re baking away because I anticipate that the quality of my photographs will drastically improve while you’re here! Edward’s doing the best he can, but I can only blame him for so much. 😉


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