What did I do on my day off today?

Things I did not do:

  1. Alas, I did not sleep in today. Curse you, frighteningly reliable Circadian rhythms!
  2. Read Sherlock Holmes. Why do I always leave him until the last minute?

Things I did do today:

  1. Did laundry.
  2. Made much progress through Soulless.
  3. Watched episodes of Julia Child’s The French Chef. More on this later, but how did I not remember how awesome she was?!
  4. Watched the second half of Shrek the Third followed by the first half.
  5. Discovered that, although, technically almond paste is not the same as marzipan, I think it will do the trick just fine.
  6. Made a yummy dinner!

And what did I make for dinner? Well, first and easiest, there was Italian potato salad (obviously, without the pancetta, of course). Which, OMG, is super, super, super, DUPER yummy. I had to wait longer than I anticipated for my puff pastry to thaw for the main dish which pushed my schedule back a bit, so waiting the hour for the main to bake was killer. Fortunately, I could pick away at the potato salad waiting for me on the counter.


The main was only troublesome due to the fact that I forgot to put the puff pastry out to defrost. I got really sleepy around 4:00 (seeing as I woke up at 6:30am, I think I can be forgiven for it) and it completely slipped my mind. But after that, the Torta Pasqualina was pretty easy, actually.

I think next time I’ll trim the edges a bit before I fold them all over – the top crust ended up being so thick that it’s just ever so slightly on the underdone side. It won’t stop me from eating it – and I think I’m going to try freezing it (I’m a little unsure how the ricotta will hold up, but people freeze lasagna all the time and this is the same thing – ricotta mixed with eggs – so I think it should hold up all right) because it will actually take me forever to finish it. The recipe says it serves six, but I ate a sixth-sized slice of it this evening (well, almost – I just couldn’t finish those last two bites!) and I am STUFFED. I think feeding 8 is perhaps a more accurate estimate (though if I hadn’t had it accompanied by the potato salad, I might have been able to manage it).

So all in all, a pretty good day.