I spy with my little eye…

A pretty pink cupcake! Shall we have a bit of a closer look?

HOW CUTE IS THAT?! When I saw the original recipe for these over on Love and Olive Oil, I thought ‘Must. Make These.’ Oh, by the way, they’re Cherry-Filled Almond Cupcakes. And besides being unbearably adorable, they’re also unforgivably delicious!

I often have issues with almond-based cake items, but these are amazing. I did sift the almond meal this time which I don’t think I’ve ever done, so maybe that helped to keep the texture more refined and it calls for coconut milk which I think may help keep it extra moist, too.

They aren’t actually difficult to make, but there are lots of steps and I ended up spreading this out over three days – I made the cherry filling on Friday, the cupcakes yesterday, and did the cherries and assembly today. The recipe calls for marzipan, which I couldn’t find in the market – but they had almond paste and although, according to the intarwebz, almond paste needs to be kneaded with lots of powdered sugar to become marzipan (despite the fact that recipes for marzipan seem to be very complicated and involve sugar syrup and candy thermometers), after I got it out of the can, the consistency and flavor of it seemed acceptable to me, so I just used it as is. As an aside, that may be the longest sentence I’ve ever constructed. Just thought I’d point that out.

That picture makes it look more complicated than it really was. Don’t let it intimidate you – make these cupcakes!

p.s. – Oh, and the teacup cupcake silicone baking molds! I discovered them here where they seem to be sold out and managed to track them down at Amazon. How cute are they?!


4 thoughts on “I spy with my little eye…

  1. OMG! That is SO cute! Can I trade some really good, but not so cute, root beer chocolate cake for a cupcake? Please? How about some of these for Mother’s Day (hint)? 😉

    • You can’t trade me for something that I made (and was desperate to get rid of), but I’ll try to save one or two of these for you. No guarantees, though, they are frighteningly easy to eat…

      I still have half of the almond paste/marzipan left over – when’s Mother’s Day?

  2. It’s May 9th (I looked it up). So put an “x” on your calendar and a reminder to make cupcakes for your loving mother (please don’t hold the asparagus incident (which I don’t remember) against me).

    • YOU MEAN INCIDENTS! Come on, people, you know this happened (‘Two more bites and then you can go watch TV.’ ‘How about one bite and then I’ll go do homework?’)

      But okay. I’ll try to remember (it may take a few more reminders as we get closer to the day).

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