As usual, I’m a couple months behind the musical times so if you’ve already heard Mumford and Sons, OMG, aren’t they great? but also, Why didn’t you tell me about them?! More in a moment, but I really can contain myself no longer. WATCH THIS!

AMAZING, RIGHT?! I mean, this really pushes all the right buttons for me:

  1. Banjo? Check.
  2. Upright bass? Check.
  3. Jangly piano? Check.
  4. OMGBOOKSHOP? Hell, yes, check!
  5. Super talented, scruffy, musical-type, British dudes? CHECK!

The only bad part about being so far behind is that tickets are already sold out to all the venues around here they’re coming to. Boo! 😦 Seriously, Jillian, they’re coming to where you are and I was THIS close to just buying tickets and working out the logistics of convincing you to a) let me crash on your floor and b) come with me to the concert, but, alas, they’re all gone already.

So I will have to content myself to listening to their album over and over and over. And over (Seriously, I listened to that song up there for the first five hours of the day today.).

And over.