I know, I know! I’m a great, big hypocrite…

So I know I just posted about how I wanted to get in better shape (well, any shape at all, really) and here I am posting about Lemon Sticky Buns – of which I’ve already eaten two – BUT IT’S NOT MY FAULT! I’LL EXPLAIN LATER!

But they’re really good.


It's yellow in my kitchen again...

The only weird thing that’s happened is that there’s a lot of sugar in the filling and it seems to have oozed out everywhere – literally EVERYWHERE – while they were baking and, as they cool now, are cementing themselves to the pan. Which is why I ate two – I don’t know if I’ll be able to get any more of them out of the pan!

...but not in my living room!

They’re super yummy…provided you can pry them away from one another, that is. But it’s definitely worth the effort!


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