I heart breakfast for dinner!

Even though I still have pasta to be eating, I didn’t feel like that today, so I took stock of my other leftovers and found buttermilk. Buttermilk and blueberries. What to make…what to make…OH, I KNOW!

A giant, giant stack of the honest-to-god best blueberry buttermilk pancakes EVER! I halved the recipe and still ended up with five huge pancakes (they’re all stacked up there just for show – I only ate three of them for dinner, I promise).

Smitten Kitchen’s got a lot of really helpful tips there along with the amazing recipe and…I’m sorry, I can’t really concentrate on this post because I’m also watching lovely, lovely Craig Ferguson and he’s distracting me with his silver fox hilarity.

So, in conclusion, make these pancakes. Uh, and watch Craig Ferguson, of course.


6 thoughts on “I heart breakfast for dinner!

  1. I think I might make them and then freeze them so I can microwave them when a tasty, pancakey snack is required.

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