Know what day it is?

It’s RDJ Day! Happy RDJ Day!

To celebrate RDJ Day, Liz and I went to see Iron Man 2!

It’s opening night here in the States (apparently the rest of the world got him first so as to avoid conflict with the World Cup), but we managed to be first in line for our show. Awesome! (That photo was not actually taken with Iron Man, by the way, we found him schilling for Dr. Pepper at Schnuck’s.)

And the movie was also suitably awesome. Actually, let me rephrase that – THE MOVIE WAS ALSO SUITABLY AWESOME!!!!111!1!!!1!!

There are a lot of plots going on, but they’re all circling around back to the same thing which keeps it from being too confusing. And now that we’ve gotten the backstory out of the way, there’s been enough character development that we’re actually aware that there’s more going on underneath the superhero facade, so, yes, Tony is awesome, Pepper is awesome, Scarlett Johannson’s character is awesome (I’ll admit I was a little worried that she was going to try and move in on Pepper’s territory, but she didn’t), Sam Rockwell is awesome (but when is he not?) and Don Cheadle as Rhodey 2.0 is a very welcome improvement. So, yeah.


The summer blockbuster tally is off to a good start = 2-0-0

ETA: Know what else? It’s just as good the second time around! \o/