A revelation!

Soooo…having watched him on Craig Ferguson, I have decided that I am going to marry Jason Segel.

It would be awesome.

We’ll be all tall and awkward and riding his Vespa together (How awesome would that be?! I mean, I love climbing out of my Beetle because it’s like my own personal clown car – imagine the two of us climbing off of a Vespa!).

Call me, Jason!


4 thoughts on “A revelation!

  1. Haha, I absolutely agree – you *have* to marry Jason Segel now just so I can see you two on a Vespa! Plus he’s funny and cute – and you’d probably get to hang out with the cast of HIMYM. Awesome!

    • I know, right?! Besides the fact that, like you said, he’s totally funny and cute, we could also go to red carpet events and make Tom Cruise feel self-conscious about himself. What more could you ask for from a relationship?! 😉

  2. Ok, so yes I did have to use my most hated of internet resources (wikipedia) to find out who exactly was Jason Segel *shame on me*. And I do love HIMYM, so that’s double shame, yes?

    But yes, Anne + Jason + Vespa = Awesome.

    Anne + Jason + Red carpet + Tom Cruise shame = Awesome x Awesome.

    p.s. can you set me up with Ted, then, if you’ll be hanging out with the cast? ; )

    • Yes, I’m suitably scandalized by your ignorance!

      But I know, right?! Awesome x Awesome, indeed. I need to come up with some sort of intarwebz campaign. Maybe the Craig Ferguson can introduce us!

      Claire, you’re super-organized – make it happen!

      p.s. – I will TOTALLY set you up with Ted.

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