Still a perfect record!

Well, if the first three are anything to judge the rest of the summer by, this will be a pretty epic summer blockbuster tally by the time I’m through with it! I’m totally adding The Losers to the Win column. A perfect example of a summer action movie – good guys framed by one of the most horrific baddies must avenge their honor by using clever ploys, usually involving explosions.

Lots of fun and also, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, where have you been all my life – being all sleepy-eyed and awesome. I’d heard talk about teh intarwebz that he would make a good Mycroft for the Sherlock Holmes sequel and I’m totally throwing my hat in this ring – he would be a PERFECT Mycroft to RDJ’s Holmes.

So we need two online campaigns now – one to get the Craig Ferguson to introduce me to Jason Segel and one to get Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the next Sherlock Holmes movie. Stat!

Summer blockbuster tally = 3-0-0


2 thoughts on “Still a perfect record!

    • I definitely like the way you think! 😉 Though I have to say that I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan was my favorite, but not by very much…

      Didn’t Chris Evans get Captain America? I at least thought he was up for it, but I’m pretty sure he got the role. So we’ll get to see him on the big screen again soon(ish)!

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