Eating chocolate cake is hard work!

And I think Liz Lemon would agree with me.

Okay, apologies for the fact that I’m not walking as slowly as I should be (That’s as slow as my slave driver of a treadmill would go!) and that you can’t see the cake (Dammit, Jim, I’m an editor, not a cinematographer!) AND that all I can think when I see myself on the treadmill is that I look like a GIANT (Seriously, it looks like I barely fit in my cave apartment). Horrifying!

But you know what’s not horrifying? That delicious cake I’m eating! A few weeks ago, I won (I know, right?! I never win anything!) a giveaway on the gorgeous Desserts for Breakfast blog and used my loot (the black cocoa powder, that is – I also won a very pretty photograph, but it didn’t really come in handy or anything while I was making this cake) to make her Blackest Forest Gateau. I really did mean to go all out and try and make little chocolate trees to surround it like she did (isn’t that pretty?!), but, you know how I am, I sort of got bored and I was trying to do it all before Community kicked off my Thursday night comedies and ran out of time and was like ‘Screw it, it’ll still taste good even if it looks like some sort of Frankenstein cake.’

And I was right!