In which I hurt myself! (But not TOO badly.)

I was minding my own business, chopping up what I thought was cilantro but turned out to be flat-leaf parsley (I can never tell the two apart when I’m in the market), when the knife took a funny turn and went right into my little finger! There was a bit of swearing and a bit more blood, but I got it under control eventually.

More importantly, what was I making when all this happened?

Masala eggplant and chickpeas! It seems like I always say this, but it really was very tasty and very easy to make – basically just toss everything on a baking sheet, roast it, make some rice, throw on some yogurt and cilantro parsley, and you’re done. Couldn’t be much easier, could it?

A bit of a warning, though – it does make very nearly a metric ton of food, so I’ve got some to eat for leftovers and some in the freezer for later (we’ll see how that goes).


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