In which I make a newbie mistake!

I can’t even remember the last time I burned something in the oven. But I very nearly burned these Chocolate Sour Cream cupcakes. When I checked on them after the allotted 20 minutes, they were still sunken and batter-y. So I figured in another 5 minutes, they would be puffed and batter-y and then in 5 more minutes, they’d be puffed and done.

I knew I should check on them in 5 minutes, but it’s still super-hot here and checking on them in 10 minutes would save me from an extra blast of oven air and I was sure they wouldn’t be done by then, so I went back in 10 minutes only to find that they were sunken and crispy around the edges!

I don’t know why they fell like that – or, to be more accurate, they just never rose in the first place. But I didn’t want to just throw them away, so I let them cool and frosted one of them with leftover mascarpone and whipped cream frosting from the Blackest Forest Cake I made a couple of weeks ago. And they’re actually quite good!

Despite being a bit crispy around the edges.

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